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USBsockets China

Why buy from us?

We’re devoted to delivering our Australian and New Zealand customers the very best USB Wall Socket available on the Global market, and here are only a few good reasons you should buy directly from

1 We are a 100% Australian company.

We have offices in Queensland and our fulfillment is based in Sydney. All Australian, New Zealand, Fiji and PNG is distributed out of Sydney.

2 We ship promptly.

In most cases on the same day of your order. Should we be temporarily low in stock, orders will be sent as soon as the new product arrives.

3 Fast response time.

Sure we are a 100% online business… but we are real people. We have real people working for us who are always available for you. You won’t wait days or have to email multiple times to hear back from us.

4 Customer Care and Service.

We care about our customers greatly and rely on you for ongoing business and word of mouth. We buy stuff online just like you and we have all had poor experiences. Whether you’re buying something worth $10 or $1000 you’re a valued customer. We’ll do our best to make sure you have an awesome customer experience.

5 100% Aussie warranties.

If you have any problems with any of the products you buy from us, we’ll help you! If the problem isn’t something we can fix, and it’s covered under warranty, we’ll replace it.

6 We sell only genuine certified approved products.

There’s a lot of counterfeit USB Wall Socket products on the international market and you can never be too careful.

We love technology and are continually inventing, developing or exclusively acquiring new products. is an example of this – Coming Soon. We thoroughly test every product before we decide to list it on our store. We want to make sure we’re giving you access to the best products in the World. on Pinterest Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Linkedin Instagram


PHONE: +61 418 292 385

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