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Q: Can I charge my iPhone 6 in USBSockets?

Yes our USBSockets will charge all Apple devices include the iPhone 6 and iPads

Q: Can I charge my Ipad or other tablet device?

Yes the USBSockets have two USB ports. With a combined 17.5 Watt / Industry leading 3.5 Amps Shared. Our patented technology works out what to send each device. Want to charge a large device such as your iPad or tablet fast? Then plug it in on its own to take the whole 3.5amps. It’s also the fastest way to charge the new iPhone 6

Q: Can I charge any gadget?

Yes it will charge any portable device that can be charged or run using a standard USB connection including but not limited to:

iPad® / iPhone® / iPod®

Galaxy Tab™



Nintendo 3DSTM

PlayStation® Vita

Bluetooth™ Headsets

Digital Cameras

Kindle™nNook e-readers

GPS systems

Google Nexus 7

Tablets Smart & Mobile Phones

Q: Do USBSockets emit a noise?

Upon first using a new USBSocket you may notice a high pitched oscillation sound at close range with some devices, this sound should be reduced or eliminated after a few uses. The noise is a part of a normal charging circuit there is no risk of fire or damaging your device.

Q: How do I know if the USBSocket is charging my device?

When connected, the device will indicate that it is charging in the same way it would if it was connected using the manufacturers USB charger.

Q: Why is my device not indicating a charge?

If your device does not seem to be charging it may have a higher charge requirement – switch the device to the high power port on the right hand side to maximise its charging ability.

Q: Do your USBSockets have a warranty?

All USBSocket power point products come with 12 month warranty. Each socket is stringently tested through a complicated quality control system; if your product is found to be faulty we will replace or refund your purchase amount on return of your product.

Q: What does your warranty cover?

Any factory defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Q: What does your warranty not include?

Any installation or reinstallation of the socket from electrical contractors.

Q: Do the USBSockets fit in a standard wall box?

Yes the USBSockets are designed to fit in a standard wall box and use a standard wall plate.

Q: Does the USBSocket wire any differently?

No the sockets install the same as any other standard receptacle, allowing for easy installation; no re-wiring is required.

Installing help:

If you are having issues fitting your USBSockets into an older style plaster C-Clip we can confirm the Deta brand C-Clip plaster clip bracket still fits well. This is available at Bunnings. Some of the other brands including HPM seem to have modified their clip designs since we researched the sizing a few years ago and they are no longer suitable. We do recommend a qualified electrical contractor does the swap for you.

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